Dear WordPress,

I am using your iPad application right now to update my blog. I am not breaking up with you, but I wanted to let you know that I am keeping my eyes open for something better while I hope you improve.

Back when we were together on the iPhone it was OK. I understood your limitations and I was working with them. I didn’t blame you. I knew that when we wanted quality time together we had to go back to my laptop.

continue the love letter…

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I am trying to turn this site, TobiasTenney.com, to do what I assumed were very basic things.  I have made the wrong assumption that even though we do not have jetpacks, we should have easy access to a CMS that does all of the basic user desired modularity without having to get your hands dirty with CSS or PHP.  (I can, but I don’t think I should have to.)

I want to have tabs at the top that then present a filtered view of my blog.  I want “Video” to present you with all of my blog entries that I tagged or categorized as “video”.  I also want to have a “Why I am Writing About Video” page that is included in this.  The problem seems to be that I can add tabs that are “Pages”, but pages act like a static single entry.  I could instead use “Categories”, but categories lack the functionality to be helpful (they seem to just show a dumb list of titles placed into the categories).

Here is the best example:

I would like to have “Audio” as a main tab with a drop down menu with my bands. I currently made sites for all of these:

Audio (parent)
Specimen (child)
Plastination (child)

The above works out great, except for one thing. The “Audio” page does not include all of my audio related blog posts which can be seen by clicking on the Audio category.

Living in the future, but with no blogging jetpack to be had.