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I joined the members of the legendary “Deathrock” band, from the infamous goth defining club BatcaveSpecimen for a one time show at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco after Jon Klein flew in from London for a night of some fun; playing his old band’s songs at a mild impromptu show with a stand in singer, me.  This single night lead to me becoming the official new lead singer of Specimen on the first full length album the band released.

I wrote and co-produced the tracks “Lilacs [MP3]” (BMI link), “Play Prey” (BMI link), and “Aftershock [MP3]” (BMI link) (All songs © Kraquehaus Productions, BMI) and was the lead singer on two of the songs that Jon Klein wrote for the album: “Electric Ballroom” & “Fatal Error”.

Jon sang on the tracks “Death Drive“, “Nothing Lasts Forever“, “Cinema Of Attractions” (along with Olli Wisdom), and “White Space“.  Versions of these songs were recorded with me, T.bias, singing, but Jon Klein, as the sole producer and artistic controller, decided in the end to use the versions only using his own vocal takes (against my recommendations that a continuity of a lead singer was vital to selling the new lineup).

The album, “Electric Ballroom” [link to iTunes], was released by Metropolis Records in the summer of 2007.

As the sole controller of the band, Jon Klein oddly did not promote nor allow proper promotions to be engaged for the release of the album.  (e.g., I was not allowed to produce a web site for the band or site to promote the release of the album.)  Shortly thereafter, Jon Klein gathered the original 1983 line-up of the band, without the knowledge of the current members (T.bias, Kimba, and Stephan X), for a US tour which was eventually canceled due to poor ticket sales in relation to the high expectations.  The reunited ’83 lineup eventually performed twice; once in London and again at a goth festival in Germany.

I wanted to be part of a continuation and progression of the band instead of just rehashing all of the old tunes.  In the end I was glad that my performances on “Electric Ballroom” stand as they are and the original members got together to travel down memory lane.

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Silliness September 28, 2010 at 12:53 pm

Odd that you would completely exclude, without whom, you would have never even gotten the gig in the first place. Bitter, much?


James August 9, 2012 at 11:18 am

Very interesting read – thanks. I've only just heard this album for the 1st time recently. Infact, I downloaded it from Emusic and obviously have no sleevenotes etc. So, in summary, what tracks on the version I downloaded do you sing on? ta. J.x


T.bias December 26, 2014 at 7:44 pm

I sing on almost all of tracks in various forms, but I would say that I am the "lead vocalist" on the following songs:
–"Electric Ballroom"
–"Play Prey"
–"Fatal Error"


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