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Airship Ventures Naming Ceremony

That is me sticking my head out of a Zeppelin above Moffett Field, CA.

My name is Tobias. Aaron Tobias Tenney. Since I go by my middle name, I usually stick with A. Tobias Tenney when I am being formal.

Sometimes I go by the name “T.bias”. Pretend that period is more of an apostrophe than a hard stop. I have used that name for ~15 years now in relation to bands (a bit like a stage name), performances, and art projects. How I ended up being called “T.bias” is a bit of a murky story… too murky to tell it all here.

Here are are a ton of pictures of me on Flickr:

I am a graphic designer, a user interaction designer, a musician, a producer, a videographer, a writer, a composer, a web producer…an eclectic media producer.

My Hair
(Every day I get questions about my 5+ feet long dreadlocks. Below is a kick ass video and some info.)

A video of me flipping my hair in slow motion. It was shot at 6,800 frames a second by 3ric Johanson of Intellectual Ventures who used the camera to help shoot down mosquitos [WSJ]. Less than a second takes about 4 minutes, so I edited it to my song, “Rag Tag Flag” (by Hooks’n’Heels).

A lot of people ask me about my hair. It is currently down to roughly my ankles, I haven’t cut my hair in 20 years, every two months Hairpolice make sure I’m not getting a uni-dread, I sleep with it over my pillow after I’ve taken it down out of one of my various complex “buns”, I don’t know how much it weighs, and washing it is like washing a whole load of laundry attached to my head.

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i was wondering…:)


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