Tastee Diner

“Tastee Diner”
For the price of a cup of coffee my name changes to “Honey”

by Tobias on April 24, 2010

Tastee Diner in the Winter

Tastee Diner: Open all hours and all weathers.

Tastee Diner
118 Washington Blvd S
Laurel, MD 20707
(301) 953-7567

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I don’t feel like I’ve arrived in Laurel, MD until I have a hot cup of coffee filled by someone at Tastee Diner who thinks my name is “Honey“.

Tastee Coffee

Endless Coffee

Open all day and all night, I know I can rely on these gals (& some guys) to be there to feed me, magically make my cup of coffee never get below half full (threats of dirty looks are sometimes needed to stop the flow of caffeine), call me “Honey” like I’m part of the family and feel at home no matter what that clock on the wall says.

Tastee Diner

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