Second Bowl


by Tobias on May 16, 2010

Third Bowl: BisquePhotograph by Jon Singer.

I grew up working with clay. I remember the first thing I ever made as a young child: a thumb bowl.  I am sure my mother still has it somewhere. I kept working with mud in various forms from thumb bowls in grade school to bust sculptures in college. Somewhere in between, about 20 years ago, I tried my hand at throwing bowls. I was not very good at it.  My parents have the only mildly successful piece I ever made; an eight inch wide, five inch tall planter. It is a planter because I breached the bottom of the pot making a nice hole for water to seep out . Not the intended result, but makes for a fine planter…I can only assume this is the case since it has never actually had a plant in it.

This all changed very recently. With Jon Singer as my sensei (先生), I was able to throw three bowls.

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