Today is my little brother‘s birthday.  He would have been 30 today.  Since it is Micah’s birthday, I want to celebrate his life.

Micah's 3rd Birthday: A Zippy Cake!

Micah's 3rd birthday with a Zippy the Pinhead cake.

I am trying to collect as many good stories about my little brother as possible. If you or someone you know would like to share a story, either send an email or call this number to leave a message:

(415) 869-5322

(This number is an automatic voice mail box that will send me the recording you make. Call as many times as you like and tell any stories you want to share.)

Please feel free to pass along the number or my contact information to anyone you think can contribute.  I am hoping to put together at very least a blog entry of all the good memories each of us have of Micah.


Me & Micah having a drink

Me (left) pretending to be crazy & Micah (right) pretending to be tough. (We both laughed at the pic, but we were each crazy and tough in our own ways.)

Yesterday I was informed that my brother’s ashes were scattered at sea.

This was the end of a phone conversation with my father regarding other non-related topics, so it came as a bit of a surprise even though I knew it would be coming soon.  The family couldn’t bare the emotional scarification of being there for the event, so we allowed the kind people at The Neptune Society to take charge and spread his ashes at sea out on the Pacific Coast.

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