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Kandid Fullfrontal Consumption” is a short film that I shot starring my (usually) vegetarian friend, Mr. Where.

I edited the video before I wrote the music.

The process that I used was quite interesting. “How do you go about editing a video with probably a couple hundred edit points all in time to music that doesn’t yet exist?!?”

How the filming came about

You might want to read this after you have seen the short film. There are some spoilers below.

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No, I am not referring to my dreadlocks’ squid like appearance.  I have been invited to be a guest blogger on

Here is my first post:

Golden Arak: Ramallah Rocket Fuel

I very quickly made a video to demonstrate a tasting of Golden Arak.  The video is meant for the Laughing Squid post, but it is also on Vimeo:

Ramallah Rocket Fuel: Bottled from T.bias on Vimeo.

The creative divining rods have been unleashed from their tin foil shielded carrying case and I am now actively on the search for veins of Pure Laughing Squid Content Gold™.