Amazon Layoffs

DP Review Shutting Down

by Tobias on March 22, 2023

DP Review is shutting down!

I just saw the email they sent out yesterday with the announcement. I am stunned, to say the least. They have been THE go to site for all things photography for so long now! Nearly 25 years…

But, come April 10th, that’s it. End of an era.

Apparently, their parent company, AMAZON (FYI, DPreview was a bit vague about who the parent company was; I had to go dig this up myself), is shutting them down as part of their effort to reduce their workforce by 18,000 people.

Up until now, they were adding positions which is a bit crazy, if you ask me (you’d think they would go through a slower alteration rather than a sudden yank into reverse done quickly enough to grind their gears and strip their clutch).