In Memory of J.D. Falk

by Tobias on December 6, 2011

J.D., well known for his fight against spam & friends to many, left us recently. (MAAWG has through memorial page for him here. Friends and family have a dedicated page as well.)

At his memorial this past Saturday I took a moment to voice my thoughts. Here is what I had to say:

I wish…
I wish I had known JD better; we were always just acquaintances. I wish I had known he was sick; I would have done anything to help in anyway I could. I wish I could have experienced more of his glowing smiles that emanated from the depths within him and emanated throughout his entire self. I wish…

But alas, wishes are the seeds I throw into the soil with intense dreams of trees growing fruit, but I know full well that they are only dreams painted by a wistful mind. Instead, I think it is important to focus on the seeds that did grow trees & bore fruit.

My sporadic interactions with JD were always wonderfully sweet fruit of experiences plucked and enjoyed from his tree of Life. When I would sit down idly to perhaps say hello or catch up, we would pluck that fruit, I would peel back the skin, split it in half to share, and look at it in amazement; The fruit of experience with JD were always glowing. It radiated the light of happiness from the center all the way to the skin.

I will always remember those fruit from JD’s tree of life in celebration. We may not be able to hold any in our hands, feel it, or see that light with our eyes any longer, but the sweetness shall forever live on in our memories.

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doug humphrey December 6, 2011 at 1:21 pm

He was a good guy – in a few ways very typical of the good people that we
meet in our industry, typical maybe of “good people” everywhere. good people,
you know them when you see them (and when you get to know them and love them).

Of course, he was way beyond just a a “good guy” (which makes him sound a little
like Charlie Brown) He was an extraordinary person to many, in a bunch of
different ways, and beloved in a variety of communities. It seems like everyone I know
knew him, and in many different contexts.

So I will close by just saying that he was a good guy, and he will be missed
by a huge number of other good guys (not a gender specific term) who were
very lucky to have the time with him that they had; I certainly count myself as
one of those. His memory will live very long and well within all of us.

doug humphrey


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