Instant Cost for an iPhone 4 Upgrade SMS

by Tobias on June 14, 2010

Automated iPhone Upgrade Call

Automated system in action.

AT&T has a nice system in place to instantly check to see how current iPhone users will be charged to upgrade to the new iPhone 4.

“Am I eligable?”

“Do I have to pay $600 to get the new iPhone 4?”

“How much will AT&T charge me to get the new iPhone 4?”

“I got an iPhone 3GS right when it came out. Is AT&T going to screw me?

Turns out you can quickly find out the answer to these questions by a simple phone call.

Here is how it works:

First off, you have to already  own an iPhone.  This is only for people looking to upgrade.

Second, you need to call a special number.  Dial *NEW# on your phone and hit the “Call” button. (For those of us who hate translating the letters into numbers, the number to call is *639#.) Make sure to include the star (*) at the beginning and the pound (#) at the end.

Automated iPhone Upgrade: Dialing *639#

Dial *639# and hit the "Call" button.

Once you hit “Call” you should see a momentary “pause” screen (the screen gets grayed out and a pinwheel gets going), then a confirmation that your call went through.  This isn’t a normal call.  It activates an automated system with AT&T.

Thank you, your request is being processed. A message will be sent to your phone.

Almost immediately you should receive a text message describing what tier of payment you fall into.  In my case, I am eligible for an upgrade with a new 2 year contract.

Apparently there is some $18 fee they are waiving for me.  Someone else who just tested this got the same message, except they have to pay the $18 fee and we couldn’t find out why.

Automated iPhone Upgrade Cost: Text Received

Text message received.

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